Be a Part of Maker Faire

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.”
– Joss Whedon – Writer, Producer, Director

This quote from Director Joss Whedon pretty much sums up why I’ve decided to volunteer my time to help with Pleasant Prairie’s Inaugural Mini Maker Faire.  We all have in us the inspiration to create:  ideas, concepts… call them “mental blueprints,” if you will.  But while most of us have great ideas, it’s those who take the diagram scribbled onto a napkin and turn it into a real-live working thing that fascinate me.  The Makers of this world should be celebrated, honored, revered and showcased.

The upcoming Pleasant Prairie Mini Maker Faire seeks to do just that:  Showcase the Makers of the region to those of us who relish watching, learning from and cheering them on.  This is an opportunity to:


  • see underwater robotics
  • spin a potter’s wheel
  • build a model Anime robot
  • watch a blacksmith forge iron
  • make school logo artwork from recycled lids
  • see Tesla coils in action
  • race cardboard box cars
  • make homemade jam

I am one of those people filled with ideas, but intimidated by the idea of turning those ideas into something real.   I plan to spend the Saturday after Thanksgiving not shopping, but being inspired by those who walk among us and say “Hey, I can make that!”  This is a chance to see my idols in action.  I challenge you to spend your time that weekend with me at the Pleasant Prairie Mini Maker Faire, by either Making, Sponsoring, Volunteering or Attending.  The choice is yours, but choose to be a participant, and not just a “what if” dreamer.

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